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From a very early age, human beings and their inner and relational complexity, their well-being, their pursuit of happiness, their suffering, their mechanisms and ways of being were at the center of my interest, curiosity, compassion and admiration.


Coaching has become the central tool of what my professional mission: be at the service of happiness at work. I chose coaching because I deeply believe in the power and potential that exists in each one of us; each of us is the unique and exclusive expert of and in his own life. Powerful questions can be asked to us by others, but the answers always come from each one of us. It is this responsibility and this freedom that I love! I believe in the power and potential of collaboration and sharing. When we leave accompanied, the navigation becomes richer. We may have to go slower, but the sea becomes more beautiful!


My path has been defined by adventure, discovery and openness to the world and to the intelligent connection that unites us. Defined by many advances and setbacks, effort and dedication, a lot of self-questioning and many changes. The biggest one was the change of country (from Portugal to Belgium). In many moments I lost my internal compass. Without knowing where my north was, I needed time to recalibrate myself, rediscover myself and reinvent myself. It was like that, and I am sure it will continue to be so! Nothing is final.


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Individual and team coaching

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